The Tuzla Canton provided 16 Million BAM for Employment

received_1120611887989766The Cantonal Government supported the projects of federal and cantonal employment institutes, said the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Tuzla Canton Srđan Mićanović. According to Mićanović, 16 million BAM are on disposal for employment through these two employment institutes.
Senad Muhamedbegović, director of the Employment Institute of the Tuzla Canton, reminded that the Government of FBiH has made a provision on subsidizing the employment of young people. This provision foresees 14.065.000 BAM for employment in the Tuzla Canton through the projects of employment and self-employment.

According to Muhamedbegović, 36 percent of the project has already been completed in the Tuzla Canton, i.e. 5.5 million BAM are already spent for the employment projects.

Director and owner of the company Menprom Ltd. Tuzla Mensur Alić thinks that certain changes should be made regarding the conditions of applying for the Employment program.
Namely, a worker with one month of employment status cannot apply for a job. Alić noted that many probationers have completed their internship and, now when they are supposed to get a job, they cannot apply for this program.

Alić added that the government should consult with the businessmen first. According to him, if this program lasted for two years, the worker would gain enough experience during that time which would enable the worker to stay working in the company where he/she started.
President of the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce Tuzla Nedret Kikanović assessed that there is great interest of employers and businessmen in the programs of Federal Employment Institute.
(Source: akta.ba)

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