There are no more Obstacles for the Export of Vegetable and Fruit Crops to the EU

mirko-sarovic1-2Minister of the Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H Mirko Sarovic, said yesterday in Sarajevo that a decision of the European Commission which declared B&H as a country allowed to export of crops, is one more success and allusion of other activities within the relevant institutions in B&H on fulfilling conditions and standards of the EU.

He thanked institutions that contributed to such decision, especially to the Agency for Protection of Plant Health, and emphasized that this is a confirmation that B&H, regardless of  a shared responsibility in that field, can meet strict European standards.

Sarovic explained that potato is one our most significant agricultural cultures that is planted on more than 30.000 hectares with an annual production of more than 300.000 tons and expressed his confidence that after this decision and possibility of an export to the EU, conditions for greater production will be met because this field can provide that.

He emphasized that after this decision, there are no more obstacles for the export of vegetable and fruit crops to the EU, and restrictions are there only for food and agricultural products of the animal origin.


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