Thinking of a Place to Relax with the Children? Visit Zoiland

Zoiland in Zetra klix.baAs a part of its business activities in the summer period, the Cantonal Public Enterprise ZOI 84 OCS Ltd. Sarajevo opened the summer garden and children’s amusement park Zoiland: a place to relax and enjoy within the Olympic complex Zetra.

It is about the ambient spatial planning within the Zetra complex by introducing completely new entertainment facilities in the city center with the aim of promoting sports and sports activities, as well as improving healthy lifestyles.

The opened facilities are the outdoor summer garden (café) with a view of the soccer field, children’s amusement park/game room with additional facilities (slides, seesaws, wooden benches, playhouse, swings, playground, etc.), a roller-skating and cycling area, and a promenade for the citizens. These premises will be illuminated by spotlights until 23.00, while on the weekend the traffic at this location will be closed, in order to allow unhindered movement and recreation of the visitors.

The summer garden is a place to relax, and its location and atmosphere absolutely fit in with the concept of monitoring sports activities. In this way, the opportunity was given to the parents to follow the recreational activities of their children in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

zoiland2By forming a space for roller-blading and cycling, the citizens have been given a new location for doing sports, as well as a chance to socialize, giving them the opportunity for recreation in this attractive location, away from the traffic jams. The location of the children’s amusement park is surrounded by greenery and trees, and therefore is ideal for children to stay during the summer months, as well as for the celebration of children’s birthdays in the open.


(Source: klix.ba)

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