This Year’s Energy Globe Awards Given to Company “Dvokut” d.o.o. Sarajevo

energyglobeawardThe award of Energy Globe for BiH this year was given to the project “Energetski park Livno”, which was realized by the BIH Company “Dvokut” d.o.o. Sarajevo. The project is realizing the idea of the production of energy from renewable resources.

This year’s award on behalf of Energy Globe was given by the Trade Advisor of the Foreign Chamber of Commerce of Austria to BiH Sigmund Nemeti, who explained that this award is given every year in every country for the most functional project.

“In the coming weeks, on all continents in cooperation with the Austrian Foreign Chamber of Commerce, the Energy Globe national winner for every country will be announced’’, said Nemeti, adding that the project from BiH together with all other Energy Globe initiatives from 150 countries will be presented on 5 June 2013.

Around 5 million KM were invested in the project “Energetski park Livno”, and funds have also been invested from private sources’’, explained the Director of “Dvokut” Vanja Ćurin.

This project was launched in 2008 and until now networked to around 4 kilometers of a system that transmits energy.

Ćurin pointed out that the system is completely new and that it dissipates a maximum two percent of energy and that until now public facilities and around 10 buildings have been bound.

“The goal of the project is to reduce costs, increase quality of heating and reduce air pollution’’, said Ćurin.

This company in the next period intends to make one more project, a biogas plant that will consume the sludge from wastewater.

(Source: Fena)

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