These are the Three most successful BH Companies in 2017

This year was relatively good for BH economy, but also very successful for some companies. Great steps forward were made in metal, textile, wood, food and military industries. Moreover, we also got the first “giants” in the IT sector in BiH.

The third most successful company in BiH in the year of 2017 is Bingo. Company Bingo from Tuzla strengthened its leading position on the retail market of BiH this year. Bingo took over two large shopping centers in Sarajevo, Merkur and Alta, and thus further strengthened its position in the capital city of BiH.

The company has reconstructed and opened shopping center in Mostar, which was destroyed in a huge fire. Bingo started the construction of a large shopping center in Samac that should be officially opened soon, and the opening of a number of other stores is planned as well.

Moreover, Bingo purchased Dita from Tuzla, and increased its offer of brands, either its own or those made in cooperation with a large number of domestic producers from BiH.

The second most successful company in BiH in this year is AS Group.

The AS group from Tesanj made a huge step forward in 2017. The company also took over parts of Agrokomerc, and started the production. Moreover, it took over the largest domestic chain of bookstores, Svjetlostkomerc, and started with its expansion immediately.

Furthermore, companies within the Group, such as Klas and Vispak, recorded a very successful year. For example, Vispak’s products found their place on the Slovenian market, and they are partly responsible for the fact that BiH recorded the trade surplus with that country for the first time ever.

From this company noted this is the best year for them and that they have achieved everything they planned.

The most successful BH company in BiH in the year of 2017 is Prevent. Prevent is the biggest business group in BiH and it recorded new investments and the increase of production and exports this year. Prevent is also the largest employer in our country with about 7,000 employees.

This year, the company recorded an increase of exports by around 10 % in comparison to the last year. The total exports in the first ten months of this year amounted to more than 250 million EUR.

According to their corporate video that was recently published on their Facebook page, Prevent has facilities in a total of 20 countries, on 4 continents, and employs 14,000 people all around the world.


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