“Time” published a List of the cheapest Countries to live, on which place is BiH?

12675158_1729997320570278_779908436_oBiH found itself on Time’s list of the cheapest countries for living. Our country occupies the 11th place on the list.

It was stated that the countries on the list, 50 of them, in each the rent is cheaper by at least 70 % than in New York, groceries are cheaper by at least 40 %, etc. Time recommends Americans to think about moving, especially in the retirement.

Time states for BiH that the rent is 92 % cheaper than in the United States, foods is 70 & cheaper, and services by 67 %.

“BiH is a European nation that borders with Croatia and Serbia and it has a population of 3.9 million citizens. The main industry of the country are minerals and metals, including steel, coal, iron ore, lead and zinc. BiH has good purchasing power, low cost of rent, food and consumer goods. In the capital city Sarajevo, for example, a combination of monthly rental costs and other costs amounts to 600-700 USD,” as stated in the text of article.

According to this list, the cheapest for living is South Africa and then India, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Zambia, Oman, Paraguay, the Czech Republic and Macedonia. On the list are also Serbia (18th), Montenegro (26), Albania (27), Slovenia (36) and Croatia (47), which is listed as the most expensive country to live in the Balkans.



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