Tomislavgrad: Illyrian Graveyard found during the Construction

graveyardDuring the works on the establishment of the water supply system in the village Omolje next to Tomislavgrad, the Illyrian cemetery from the second century BC was found.

According to a local resident of the village Bozo Rados, they found the cemetery during the excavations of the channel for water pipes in the house of his neighbor, which dates back to the Illyrian times.

Curator of the Franciscan Museum “Fra Jozo Krizic” from Tomislavgrad, Stjepan Dilber, was invited at this archaeological discovery, who confirmed their assumption adding that the site is very interesting for research since it is a graveyard from the time of Dalmatians and there is also several graves from the Middle Ages.

“It should be determined whether this is a graveyard in which were buried Dalmatians who lived in and around the Omolje ruins or the graveyard that was made after the first Dalmatian – Roman War from the 156 BC. In any case, this site should be archeologically explored due to the possibility of new discovers,” said curator.

Graves that are typical for Dalmatian way of burying of deceased were found, which are consisted of plates that are placed in the direction of north – south, with touching edges sculpted as well as the triangular front and back stone plate, which is closing the tomb.

Also, this is one of several archaeological sites of graveyard on Duvanjsko field from the Illyrian tribes who lived in this area, which for archaeologists is the right place for further research.

“We are hoping that this locality will be archaeologically studied as well as several others similar to this one that are located in the area of Omolje, which archaeologist Stjepan Dilber spoke about, in order to find out more about the life of Illyrian tribes who lived in this area,” emphasized Rados.

(Source: klix.ba)

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