Training in BiH Security Policy

mladen cavar1Training in BiH security policy, under the organization of the interdepartmental working group for monitoring the implementation of the document “BIH Security Policy”, begins today in Sarajevo.

Partner institutions of BiH in the organization and maintenance of the training is the OSCE Mission to BiH with its Department of Security Cooperation.

The adoption of the document “BIH Security Policy” was established for the need for a public presentation, popularization and assertation of this document as well as specialized training in BIH institutions, and especially the staff of special interest for BIH that will be long engaged in this field.

The training is planned and will be carried out in accordance with the Document, and the current, internationally recognized achievements in this field.

The start of the training is planned for 27 May beginning at 10:00 at the BiH Parliamentary Assembly building.

Deputy Head of the Mission Nina Suomalainen and the Deputy Minister of BiH Security and Chairman of the Interdepartmental working group for monitoring the document “BiH Security Policy” Mladen Ćavar will make addresses.

The training will be held from 27-29 May, and also from 30 May-6 June in Hotel Holiday, announced the BIH Ministry of Security.

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