Trolleys for disabled people were donated to the Clinical Centre of Sarajevo

Kuwait donated forty trolleys, 30 standard and 10 toilet, for disabled peoples to Institute for scientific research and development of the Clinical Centre of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS).

Donation, worth 30 000 BAM was secured by the Embassy of Kuwait in BiH, via the charity organization El Kewser.

Acting Managing Director of KCUS Damir Aganović said that the staff of the clinic is very thankful to Kuwait for this donation, and added that it will improve the quality of life and safety of the disabled people.

”Trolley will be distributed to clinics that need it the most; Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Department of Neurology, Oncology and other clinics”, said Aganović.

These donations are very important because there is a very large number of people in BiH with disabilities.

Manager of Waqf Direcotrat of the Islamic Community of BiH Senaid Zaimović said that the Waqf Directorate ensured the donation via charity organisation El Kewser from Kuwait. El Kewser wanted to easen the problem of lack of trolleys for disabled people at KCUS.

Zaimović said: ” The idea came from Muhammed Sali El-Han, whose child had a minor injury, and when he visited KCUS he saw that they don’t have enough trolleys, and so the idea about the donation was born”.

Kuwait will also give ten trolleys to clinic in Zenica.


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