Tunnel Karaula: Sarajevo and Tuzla closer for 3.5 kilometers

tunneFinishing works on the tunnel Karaula which is already broken through and asphalted, are getting finalized. Electrical installations are setting up, sidewalks are in the process of regulation and the last works on both sides of the 900 meters long tunnel tube are getting finished.

Works are not suspended in spite of the snow and difficult weather conditions. Employees are working very hard to finish this part of the infamous pass as soon as possible, which is representing a major problem for drivers on the road from Tuzla to Sarajevo, especially during the winter months.

“With previously built bridges and part of the route that will be constructed, we will get the completed section that will shorten the road over the Karaula pass for 3.5 kilometers,” as announced from the Roads of FB&H.

Offers for the 3rd phase of the works were prolonged and they will be opened on the 7th of December, when the contractor and subcontractors for this phase of the work will be chosen.

In the future, the traffic on this road should be carried out much faster. For example, so far the exploitation rates were very low, between 35 and 45 kilometers per hour, which is especially expressed in trucks that are causing the accumulation of vehicles, reducing the level of services and affecting the safety of the vehicles in traffic.

Total value of the first phase of the work amounted to 4,744,523 BAM. Construction of the tunnel Karaula, which represents the second phase of works, cost 24,257,083 BAM.

(Source: sa-c.net)


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