US-Israeli Consortium Improves Greenhouse Production in BiH

PL6Representatives of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Advisor to the Ministry Anto Petrić and the Assistant Advisor for Agriculture Nijaz Brković spoke at the beginning of the week with the Executive Director of the US-Israeli Company Uni Food Orgil Miloš Marković and representatives of this consortium for South East Europe.

The consortium Uni Food Orgil offered cooperation in the area of primary agricultural production and processing of agricultural products, as well as in the area of education and training of professional personnel in BiH that would be able to adopt new technologies for the development of modern agriculture. This consortium decided to carry out the transfer of technology to CEFTA countries in the next period to enable the marketing of farm products, semi-finished and finished products on the markets of those countries, as well as on the US, Israeli and Russian markets.

This applies only to organic or safe food, which is already available to select markets in the world.

On this occasion, the Advisor of Minister Anto Petrić said: “Today we had a very successful discussion with representatives of the US-Israeli Consortium Uni Food Orgil, where we spoke primarily of the production of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. We agreed that the consortium take further necessary steps in order to maximize the progress of greenhouse production in BiH.

The Federal Ministry showed interest to participate in EU projects, for which this company, as one of the leaders in food production, would carry out preparations, planning and organizing. They presented today their capabilities and services that they offer our farmers who do not have any investment opportunities, and it was primarily the Israeli technology when it comes to irrigation and protection of plants. The joint projects would be financed by funds that they would ensure’’.

Among other things, the Ministry said that it was agreed for Uni Food Orgil to take on the obligation of negotiations with the World Bank for loans for projects accepted by farmers in BiH.

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