Violin Virtuoso Denis Goldfeld in Sarajevo again

denis_goldfildThe Violin and Orchestra Concerto by Sibelius has been chosen for the opening of the new concert season of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Russian violin virtuoso Denis Goldfeld will perform with the Sarajevo orchestra as a soloist. Guests in BiH had the opportunity to listen to Goldfeld a year ago in Sarajevo, when he performed at the solemn concert in honor of the 450th anniversary of the Jewish Community in Sarajevo.

Since the audience is already used to getting the best from the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, the orchestra invited this amazing musician, highly requested soloist on concert stages across the globe, to perform at the solemn concert that opens the season 2016/2017.

The concert will also be enriched by Uroš Lajovic, the conductor who happily returns to the Sarajevo Orchestra and audience every year.

The concert is being held within the “Year of Culture Austria-BiH 2016”, under the patronage of the Austrian Embassy in Sarajevo, tonight, starting from 8 pm.

Prior to the concert, Denis Goldfeld stated that he is very happy to be in the capital of BiH again, after such a short time.

“You have a great theatre and playing here is a true pleasure, especially with Maestro Lajovic. This time, I will present myself with a somewhat different musical language than last year,” this soloist stated.


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