Visegrad full of Tourists on Weekends

The global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, but tourism has not stopped in this country, which confirms the arrival of tourists.

That is how the citizens of Visegrad welcome tourists every day, especially on weekends. With respect to epidemiological measures, they can fully enjoy the beauties of this city.

Thirteen-year-old David Simic from Visegrad entertains tourists who come to Visegrad with his music every weekend.

So it was this weekend when a large number of tourists from all over came to the city on the river Drina.

As the temperature rises, so does the number of guests coming to Visegrad. As the picture speaks more than a thousand words, selfies that tourists from this city send to the world via social networks are common.

Most often from the most recognizable location in the city. This weekend, most guests are from neighboring Serbia.

The Tourist Organization of Visegrad confirmed that there are more and more tourists, mostly on weekends. Tourists most often come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. What tourists are most impressed by is the river Drina, a tour of the old bridge and a visit to the tourist complex Andrićgrad, BHRT writes.

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