Visit by Saudi Investors in January 2016, the King will visit B&H in May or June

Čović Arabia banja2.comChairman of the Presidency of B&H Dragan Čović stated that the Saudi Prince, who is also the Minister of Defense of that country, promised him two days ago in Riyadh that he will visit B&H by the end of January 2016 together with his associates and investors.

Čović stated yesterday in Sarajevo that during the official visit to Riyadh he also invited the Saudi King to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and that his visit might be realized in May or June 2016.

Čović explained that, during the meeting with other Saudi ministers and entrepreneurs who already invested in B&H, it was discussed about obstacles which they have encountered, since it is necessary to understand that the capital that comes from this or any other part of the world is very “fearful” and it must be provided with legal safety and eventually a positive result.

Furthermore, Čović said that during next couple of months a strategy of relations with investors will have to be created in order to remove obstacles for investments through entities, who are in charge of the majority of economy jurisdictions. He believes that this strategy will have to precisely determine to which extent should industry, agriculture and tourism be present in the B&H economy.

Čović believes there is no other way to attract investments than to always have five or six people from the top of B&H executive and legislative authority somewhere in the world to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina and open its doors.


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