Visit of Senior OSCE Representative to Zenica Municipality

A senior representative of the OSCE Mission to BiH Alexander Chuplygin visited Zenica today where he spoke with the mayor Husejn Smajlović on the economic and political opportunities in this area.

A focus was placed on the implementation of OSCE projects in this municipality and the readiness of the local government to improve local administration in the framework of joint activities.

“We had a very pleasant meeting today and spoke about the economic and social sphere. For me, today’s meeting was very important because of the preparation of our program that we wish to implement in Zenica, and which would be adopted to the needs of the municipality and its citizens’’, said the senior representative of the OSCE Mission at the end of the meeting.

Mayor Smajlović said that until now they have realized together with the OSCE dozens of projects and that the opinion of the international organizations is very important to them.

“If we are not ready to accept change that will make things better, different, more successful, which the OSCE is offering through its projects, we do not have a chance to have faster progress’’, added Smajlović.

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