Vispak: Export to Gulf States worth 1.5 million USD

BiH food industry Vispak will export this week their products to the market of six Gulf States. Following the October delivery and first container of Vispak’s confectionery, soup, soup and tea, this is a continuation of the successful cooperation with Arab buyers.

Export of Vispak’s products in conducted within the framework of the Agreement on export to all Gulf States, and it is valued 1.5 million USD. Gulf market consists of 6 states: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen, and it is one of the most potent markets in the world.

”Rarely does it happen that after the first shipment on similar markets, new ones occur. This is the confirmation that Arab buyers recognised the quality of Vispak’s products. Our goal is to give the buyers from the Gulf, the taste of native Bosnian cuisine, but also the taste of real Bosnian coffee -products we consider that are of very good quality” ,said the manager of Vispak Rusmir Hrvić.

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