Volunteers of the Medical Faculty in Sarajevo: When we start working, we leave our Fear at Home

Students of the fourth, fifth, and sixth year of the Medical Faculty, University of Sarajevo, signed volunteer contracts with the Health Centers of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), so they are helping their older colleagues during the period of coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday morning, in the show Morning for All, journalists talked to two medical students who volunteer at Health Center Vrazova and Stari Grad, Edin Maslo and Faruk Osmankadic.

Both agree that a growing number of doctors and medical staff are on sick leave due to the spread of the infection.

The first experience is not easy at all, as Maslo said.

I can say that we have entered the third pandemic wave. We try to help our colleagues as much as we can. More and more of them are infected in the family medicine sector.

Medical Faculty volunteers work with family medicine doctors, so in the first shift, they usually start around 7 a.m. and end by 2 p.m., as the guests said.

”When we head here we leave fear at home, our loved ones are more afraid than us. When we get here there is so much work to do that there is no time for fear. Colleagues are somewhat optimistic because we know that we will bring this all to an end.”

While speaking about the measures that are currently in force, they said that they are not competent to talk about it, but they are asking the citizens to be more responsible.

”If the authorities are not able to deal with this situation, I would ask the citizens to be more responsible. Those who are in isolation please do not come. We do our best to answer everyone on the phone. Everyone who is in isolation endangers us and others if they come here, ” told Maslo.

Faruk Osmankadic, also a student at the Medical Faculty in Sarajevo, says that there is a large inflow of patients in all Health Centers.

”Capacity is filling up and doctors are getting infected. We can help a lot. Around 75 students volunteer as part of this project. Few of them had to cancel their contracts.”

We are currently in talks to sign additional contracts with volunteers, stated Osmankadic.

”So volunteers can be students of the fourth, fifth, and sixth year. Certainly, the sixth year has an advantage.”, BHRT writes.


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