Vučić about Projects in Srebrenica: We will pay all the money we promised!

Vucic about coming to Srebrenica novosti.rsA candidate for a member of the new government Aleksandar Vučić stated that the Government of Serbia has already paid two million EUR for infrastructural projects in Srebrenica and that it is their obligation to pay all five million EUR, as they announced last year.

Vučić stated that, when it comes to the money donated by the Government of Serbia for the development of Srebrenica, everything goes as planned and as agreed.

“Because an ox is taken by the horns, and a man by the tongue,” the Prime Minister quoted the old proverb, stating that those are obligations of Serbia that they will fulfill entirely.

Vučić said that Serbia has already paid two million EUR in cash and that currently it is being worked on projects of road infrastructure, water supply, sewerage…

When those projects are completed, Vučić said, the remaining three million EUR will be paid.

As Vučić said, it would be pointless to say that they do not give the money after the messages they heard from Srebrenica.

“That would really be a nonsense,” the Prime Minister of Serbia said.

(Source: slobodna-bosna.ba/photo: Tanjug)

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