Vulin: Bosniaks will not be happier because of Inzko’s Law, it threatens Peace and their Lives

Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, yesterday presented the somewhat dangerous views of official Belgrade, stating that the possibility of arresting the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Milorad Dodik, for denying genocide “is not a way to preserve peace in the region”, Klix.ba writes.

During his yesterday’s guest appearance on TV, Vulin also touched on the amendments to the Criminal Code of BiH, which bans the denial of the genocide in Srebrenica.

He thinks the law was not passed to “bring the truth about the Srebrenica genocide but to prevent Serbs from telling the truth about Srebrenica.”

“It is Inzko’s revenge, since he is taking revenge on the people who did not love him, and neither did he love them,” he said.

Also, he told the possibility of arresting BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik for genocide denial “is not a way to preserve peace in the region”.

“Now they want to arrest Dodik or every Serb who thinks with his head. Then you make Bosnia a people’s dungeon. Bosniaks will not be happier because of this law, it only threatens peace and their lives,” he noted.

Vulin also presented an interesting idea, he said he might run forthe presidency of Serbia if Vucic could not do it because of the alleged pressure from the West.

He then added that he would personally run for president if Vucic did not do so.

“We are comrades. If the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) does not want to fight, then the Socialist Party will. They have someone better than me, that is Aleksandar Vucic, but they have no one better than me, therefore, or he will run, or I will, ” Vulin said.


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