WARM Festival opened yesterday: War Reporters, Researchers and Activists on one place

warThe 2nd WARM Festival in organization of the WARM Foundation was opened in Sarajevo yesterday and will last until July 4th 2015, and will gather in one place the reporters who reported from the war zones, the researchers and activists who are dealing with contemporary conflicts in their everyday life.

This year again, the festival will offer exhibitions, film screenings, book presentations, as well as various other activities that are related to modern conflicts. The entire program of the second WARM Festival will be presented in mid-month at a press conference in Sarajevo.

“I am pleased that this year again Sarajevo is a place where we will show the superior exhibitions and documentary films that deal with contemporary conflicts. The festival will host the leading professionals who are dealing with contemporary conflicts through various professions in one place”, said Remy Ourdan, the President of the WARM Foundation.

Within the framework of the film program of the second WARM Festival, the European premiere of the film of Sebastian Junger “The Last Patrol” will be held. It is a story of a journey of two war veterans and two war reporters through America, and Junger’s films “Restrepo”, “Korengal” and “Which way is the front line from here?” will also be displayed. The American journalist will also present his recently published book “War”. Within the framework of the film program, the movie “Commander Khawani” of Florent Marcieu will be screened, which was being filmed for the past fifteen years in Afghanistan. Another film to be shown is the film “The E-Team”, and other films about the leading world organization for the protection of human rights, Human Rights Watch.


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