“Water for all!“: Festive Event at Spreca River

Planting trees and a festive event marked the Spreča River Day yesterday in Kalesija as part of of the campaign “Water for all!“ suported by the European Union and implemented by Center for ecology and energy from Tuzla. As this river connects two BiH entities and has multiple significance for the entire region, the aim of celebrating this date is to highlight the importance and the need for joint action to protect it.

“The protection of the Spreča River must rise above the entity, party and individual interests. Water pollution is a very serious and alarming problem in BiH and its solution is a long and comprehensive process, which requires the involvement of competent institutions at all levels of authority, business sector, citizens and civil society organizations and media. At the same time, we are all polluters and victims of the situation, and we can only solve this problem through joint and planned action ” it was pointed out  from the Center for ecology and energy.

The Spreča River Day was first celebrated last year when six municipalities (Šekovici, Osmaci, Kalesija, Gračanica, Petrovo and Doboj Istok) and eight schools from these municipalities united and jointly decided to work to protect the river.

Within the campaign “Water for All!”, a roundtable was held in Tuzla today, presenting a short video on the river Spreča and Lake Modrac pollution and the document “Analysis of existing legislation in the field of protection of water resources in the Federation of BiH”. The round table was attended by representatives of relevant ministries, inspectorates, universities, civil society organizations and citizens, who agreed that it is urgent to continue the procedure of adopting the new draft Law on Water of the FBiH.

The “Water for All!” Campaign is about industrial water pollution, with the Spreča River and Lake Modrac in focus. It is implemented within the Eko BiH project funded by the European Union and the French Embassy in BiH.


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