Water polo in BiH is in development, Sarajevo definitely needs another Pool

poolSalko Pasic is 24-year old BH water polo player who plays for PWC Akademija B in Sarajevo, and he talked about recently finished Cantonal senior league, the state of water polo in BiH and the conditions in which young water polo players are working as well as his ambitions and goals.

“Water polo in BiH is in the process of development and it is moving forward. Our region is known for good water polo teams and countries that surround us are European and world champions. Investments are necessary as well as for the government to realize value and quality of this sport. There is a long way in front of us, I am hoping that everything will be sorted out, and this is only possible with professional staff and young hopes that we certainly have,” said Pasic.

Besides competitive success, water polo also has many other advantages.

“Dealing with any kind of sport brings only good things. Dealing with the sport from an early age teaches discipline, mutual respect, teamwork and many other benefits. Moreover, we are known as people with bodies in a very good shape and you can often hear that we are physically among the most prepared athletes. Swimming is very good for the development of children and I would love to recommend to all parents to come to the pool and enroll their children in some swimming or water polo clubs,” added Salko.

His team won at the recently finished senior water polo league of Canton Sarajevo.

“In the senior league of Canton Sarajevo participated a total of four clubs, including: WC Torpedo, WC Invictum, WC Mladost and PWC Akademija B, and at the end, Akademija B won. All of the matches were played at the Olympic pool Otoka, and the interest in every category was great, especially in seniors. I believe that there can be even greater interest in this sport and that we deserve that. Water polo is an interesting and dynamic sport. I also want to note that Water polo league of BiH begins on July 15,” noted this 24-year-old water polo player.

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