What Citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina mostly buy on Leasing?


Instead of taking a loan, citizens of BiH often decide to use the leasing instead, since they are considering it as the less painful financial option.

They are mostly buying passenger cars, as confirmed by the Banking Agency of the FBiH.

“According to official reports, citizens are mostly buying passenger vehicles on leasing. In principle, in the structure of the portfolio of leasing companies on March 31, 2017, the legal entities had a share of more than 91%, while the participation of physical persons was 7%,” as stated from this Agency.

The permission to conduct leasing business in FBiH have following leasing companies: ASA Leasing, NLB Leasing, Porsche Leasing, Raiffeisen Leasing, Sparkasse Leasing, UniCredit Leasing and VB Leasing.

The Agency mentioned certain benefits of leasing including more flexible terms of approval and the possibility of using items of leasing, the possibility of contracting additional services such as car services, tires etc.

“Moreover, there are action products that provide financing without interest, i.e. interest is subsidized by the supplier or free “kasko” insurance,” as added by the Agency.

They also noted that financing through leasing is a very secure, flexible and affordable product, especially after the adoption of the Law on the Protection of Users of Financial Services, with which is included the leasing business.

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