What is the Number of employed Persons in BiH?

Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina published first release of the annual Structural Business Statistics (SBS) for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

First release contains main structural variables and indicators resulting from the regular “Annual Structural Business survey for enterprises-SBS,” with 20 or more persons employed and data from administrative sources of entities (Annual financial statements of active enterprises) for other enterprises and estimation for entrepreneurs.

SBS results covered 75,731 enterprises and entrepreneurs (27 379 enterprises and 48 352 entrepreneurs) with total of 555,590 persons employed in 2017.

Of the total number of enterprises and entrepreneurs covered by this results, the largest number of enterprises and entrepreneurs was in Services 34 882 (46.0%), then in Trade 25 278 (33.4%), Industrial activities 11 570 (15.3%) and Construction 4 001 (5.3%).

Employment structure shows that the largest part of persons employed were engaged in the Industrial activities (Sections B, C, D and E) and was 37.7%, then 29.5% in Services, Trade, 26.1% and Construction 6.7%. A similar structure is when we observe share of activities in creating of value added by factor costs, where the Industrial activities had a share of 39.3%, Services 30.6%, Trade 23.8%, and Construction 6.2%.

Observed by size of enterprise and entrepreneurs, in Industrial activities, the largest share of all variables (50% and more) have medium and large enterprises, while in the Trade, Construction and Services, the largest share have small enterprises.

In September 2018, the number of registered unemployed in BiH amounted to 441.672.

If we take 2016 as a base year (2016 = 100) and compare September 2018 with the same month of 2017, we will notice that the number of unemployed decreased by 7,5 index points, or in absolute terms the number of people registered as unemployed decreased by 38.707.


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