Where to eat when visiting Sarajevo?

Foodini Food Festival klix.baSarajevo is the perfect destination for all lovers of good food, and there are numerous places where you can enjoy the gastronomic specialties, whether you prefer more domestic or international cuisine. Bosnian cuisine is a mixture of Oriental, Mediterranean and Central European culinary traditions, and meat and vegetables are mainly used for preparing meals.

National specialties

Traditional Bosnian “fast food” restaurants are ascinica (a restaurant that offers Bosnian national dishes) in the style of cafeterias, buregdzinica, a restaurant that offers pies (dough stuffed with various ingredients) and cevabdzinica, a restaurant where you can enjoy in cevapcici (kebab) and other grilled meat.

These restaurants are mostly located in Bascarsija, and we recommend to try home-cooked meals in ascinica Hadzibajric F. Namik, ASDŽ or Staklo, pies in Buregdzinica ASDZ and kebabs in Mrkva, Petica, Kurto and Kastel.

You can order great chicken kebabs and delicious and fresh salads in Fan Ferhatović.

Restaurants Aeroplan, Dveri, Sedef, Imidž-T, Kod Keme, Mali Raj, Mošćanica and Avlija will delight you with first-class local specialties, as well as pleasant and authentic atmosphere.

International cuisine

Sarajevo also has excellent international restaurants, where you can enjoy tasty dishes and great selection of high-quality wines. For delicious Italian cuisine you should visit Vapiano, which is located in the Alta Shopping Center, for Italian and Spanish specialties visit the Casa El Gitano. Sushi San is the best place if you want to try great sushi, while Mala Kuhinja is the right choice for Asian fusion cuisine.

Fans of fresh fish and seafood will enjoy the taverns Luka Sarajevo and Tišina, and beautiful environment and trout from their own fish ponds are the reasons to visit the restaurant Ribnjak Toplik in East Sarajevo.

Restaurant Food Market in Sarajevo City Center offers six international cuisines on one place, while the offer of the restaurant Casa United is based on the principle: “eat as much as you can.”

For grilled food, salads and excellent sweet pancakes visit Baltazar, and for great pizza – La Canzona, Piccolo Mondo and Terrazza Pizzeria. Bakery Mrvica offers French macarons and original Bavarian pretzel with butter. Street Wok Bar Snogu offers wok with rice or noodles with chicken or beef, and there is always veggie wok for vegetarians.

Excellent restaurants are also 4 sobe gospođe Safije, Barhana, West Point, Four Seasons, Druga kuća Lora, Lovac, Druga kuća Faletići, Bon Appetit, Reuff, Nova Bentbaša, Terasa, Rive Gauche, S One, Mostarlić, Prava Priča, Maroko and Zembilj. Fans of chicken can find variety of tasty dishes at the restaurant iChicken.

Restaurants with a great view or interesting history

There are many restaurants which offer an excellent cuisine and beautiful view at Sarajevo panorama. We recommend to visit restaurants Kibe Mahala, Kod Bibana, Park Prinčeva, Đulbašča, Bašča kod Ene and Bijela tabija, which are located in the hills above Baščaršija, just a short taxi ride from Sebilj. In the city center, there is a restaurant with a great view, located at tenth floor of Hecco Deluxe hotel. In the newer part of town you can find the revolving restaurant Plava Prizma, on the top floor of the Avaz Business Center. Along with the impressive view, you can enjoy some specialties.

Sarajevo has some great restaurants with a history. Inat Kuća is now a restaurant that offers fine Bosnian specialties. It is also a historical monument, with an interesting story: Austro-Hungarian authorities wanted to knock down a few houses in order to build Vijećnica, but there was one old and defiant Sarajevan called Benderija who stood up against them and wouldn’t let them tear down his home. After long negotiations, his house was relocated, stone by stone, to the other side of the Miljacka River.

The restaurant, Morića Han, is located in Baščaršija on the ground floor of a 500-year-old caravanserai. During the Ottoman period this inn provided accommodation for merchants traveling with caravans.

Pivnica HS is a restaurant that is part of Sarajevska Pivara, a brewery that has been in continuous use for the past 150 years and was one of the first to be built in the Ottoman Empire. Don’t miss a chance to try their beer and to visit the Sarajevo Brewery Museum.


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