Will New Mothers in the entire FBiH soon receive 1.000 BAM per Month?

The Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), Fadil Novalic, sent an initiative to the chairmen of both houses of the FBiH Parliament to adopt a law that would give all new mothers in the entity 1.000 BAM.

The money would be allocated from the transfer of 200 million BAM that the Government of the FBiH gives to the cantons every year for reforms, and it would be enabled by the adoption of the budget that the Government of FBiH sent to the parliamentary procedure.

With the absolute commitment that all new mothers must have equal rights to compensation throughout the FBiH, I sent an initiative to Presidents Zaimovic and Martinovic to urgently adopt a law on material support for families with children. The adoption of the mentioned law, as well as this year’s federal budget, whose proposal was also sent by the FBiH government to the parliamentary procedure, and which includes the transfer of 200 million BAM to the cantons, will provide funds that will be used for maternity compensation so that they are not discriminated against in relation to new mothers in Sarajevo,”explained Prime Minister Novalic.

Fadil Novalic demands that the federal parliamentarians urgently put the adoption of the Bill on Material Support to Families with Children in FBiH on the agenda of the House sessions, which was determined by the Federal Government and sent to the parliamentary procedure last month.

According to the FBiH Government, this act regulates the rights and protection of families and children, emphasizing that, given the transfer to the cantons planned in the FBiH Budget Proposal for 2022, this is also an opportunity to resolve the issue of compensation payments for new mothers throughout the FBiHin a uniform manner.

Given that different populist statements and announcementsthat have an obvious pre-election tone are appearing in public these days, I point out that the FBiH Government sent the Bill on Material Support to Families with Children to the parliamentary procedure on December 7th, 2021. Since it isalready in the FBiH Parliament, I consider it necessary to put it on the agenda of the next sessions of the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples, and to vote on its final adoption there, “ added Prime Minister Novalic.


Source: Klix.ba

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