Will Thousands of People from Sandžak lose the BiH Citizenship?

pasosRevision of citizenship for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who originate from Sandžak is in progress, but with minor changes.

The call for revision with deadline for submission of paperwork was repealed after the visit by the Association of Bosniaks from Sandžak to the Cabinet of the Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Adil Osmanović.

The decision was made because of low reply rate of the citizens to the mentioned revision or, as the Ministry confessed, because of lapses in the forwarding of calls to the persons whose citizenship is being revised.

This decision does not mean that the revision was put out of force, but it implied that the citizens who do not respond to the revision will not be penalized. Moreover, it was also discussed about narrowing down the circle of subjects whose citizenship will be treated and more information about that will be known as the revision develops.

“The agreement was to revise a certain number of randomly chosen subjects and based on that to reach a conclusion on the percentage of irregular citizenships. It was agreed that the process will be implemented in one month and, if citizenships are to be annulled, that will not be performed without our consent and there will be no legal consequences for those who did not respond to the revision,” said Ekrem Lekić, President of the Association of citizens who originate from Sandžak.

Rector of the University of Sarajevo and former president of the Association of citizens who originate from Sandžak Rifat Škriljelj stated earlier that nothing significant will happen regarding the revision of citizenship and that the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH assured them that no citizen who regularly obtained citizenship will have any problems.

“It is not an attack on a certain, targeted, group, but an act of control conducted by the state, which ended in media and caused certain turmoil,” said Škriljelj.

(Source: Al Jazeera Balkans)

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