With Help of Good People, Mirsada Hadzic saw the Sea for the first Time!

The first-grade elementary school student from Bosanska Dubica, Mirsada Hadzic, after a large number of people involved in the money collection campaign for her summer vacation, finally fulfilled a lifelong wish – to go to the sea.

Mirsada released her first photos of the sea last night.

Mirsada Hadzic saddened the public when a story of her difficult life appeared in the media last month. Namely, Mirsada is a girl who has been doing heavy agricultural jobs since the age of ten and helping her family. It all started when her father had become ill.

Mirsada then expressed the desire to go to the sea because she had never had the chance to see it.

With the help of a large number of people and the Youth Association “FOKUS”, money was quickly collected, and later the family also bought a cow to help the difficult financial situation, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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