Woman from Banja Luka found 20,000 EUR in Salzburg and took it to the Police

moneyDjuja Tesanovic-Becirevic, who was born in Banja Luka, became quite famous in Salzburg and Austria. She found an envelope with 20,000 EUR and went to the police right away.

Djuja is helping her brother, who is a taxi driver in Mozart’s city, and she occasionally transports his passengers. It turned out that the aforementioned envelope was lost when she was behind the wheel.

They found out that a 79-year-old retiree lost her money, which she took from the bank with her two friends just before she called the taxi.

In the police were surprised, as well as delighted, by the move of our honest citizen. An investigation was carried out since she did not know who the owner of the lost money was.

“Only several hours after I took the envelope to the police, they called me to inform me that they found the owner. I was driving three people, and one of them was a retiree. It was determined where the money was taken, i.e. in which bank and who is the owner of the account based on the serial number of banknotes,” said Djuja.

She did not meet the woman to whom the money was returned just yet.

“Her family called me after the investigation was completed, or after they took the money from the police. We agreed to meet soon,” said this honest woman from Banja Luka.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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