Worker in BiH found and returned almost 2, 000 BAM

Radislav Simic, who is employed in the working unit “Sluzba parkova (Park Service)” at the Healthcare and Tourist Center “Banja Vrucica” in Teslic, found a total of 1,950 BAM, and after a shorter search he returned the money to owner, Mirjana R. from Belgrade, who decided to award him for his honesty and he will also receive the prize from the company in which he works.

“I was doing my regular work, when I noticed tiny papers on the asphalt in front of the pizzeria at Hotel ‘Serbia’. I wanted to threw the paper into the trash, but I realized that it was money after all. I came there, took the money and contacted the director to inform him about the situation,” said Simic.

“I did nothing special. I was just doing my work and I tried to find the owner and return the lost money. I did what my conscience told me to do. Trust me, there is no money that can return peace to your soul,” said Radislav.

The owner of the money was under the shock, but she could not hide her happiness after she found out that the money was found.

“I am not a person who would usually panic, but I am glad to see that there are still good and honest people, and I would like to thank Radislav again,” said Mirjana, who gave cash prize to this honest man.

From the Healthcare-Tourist Center “Banja Vrucica” noted that they will reward this honest worker as well.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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