World Bank Delegation in Official Visit to Canton Sarajevo

The ministers of physical planning, construction and environmental protection and communal economy and infrastructure Damir Filipovic and Srđan Mandic, as well as representatives of the ministries of transport, economy and health of Canton Sarajevo, held a meeting with the World Bank delegation led by the Environmental and Natural Resources Manager of Europe and the Central Asia Ksenya Lvovsky.

At the meeting, the interlocutors discussed the environmental cooperation, especially with regard to the reduction of air pollution, as well as the assistance provided by the World Bank.

Lvovsky stated that the sector in charge started the development of a study on air quality management, which aims to present the current state and activities to reduce air pollution in BiH, as well as to set guidelines for further potential engagement of the Bank in order to improve the situation in this area. The project also covers the areas of Macedonia and Kosovo.

In the study, special attention was paid to air pollution problems in CS, and on this occasion, all relevant information and analyzes regarding the sources and impacts of certain sectors on air pollution in the canton were exchanged.

Ministers and representatives presented the measures that Canton Sarajevo has undertaken in order to improve air quality, especially in the transport and housing sectors, such as reducing emissions of polluting substances into air and various energy efficiency projects.

Representatives of the World Bank announced that the Air Quality Management Study will be developed in the next two months, and expressed interest in continuing cooperation with line ministries in that area.

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