Infected Meat from Poland on Market of BiH?

Based on the checks carried out by the relevant institutions, there is no danger that BiH citizens consumed infected meat from Poland, said Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations at the Council of Ministers in the technical mandate Mirko Sarovic.

Sarovic said that the meat from the disputed cattle slaughterhouse “Elkopol” from the Polish town of Kalinovo was distributed exclusively to EU countries, not including BiH.

“The aforementioned Polish slaughterhouse does not have the approval for export to BiH, nor is it entered into the register of slaughterhouses from which it is possible to import meat,” said Sarovic, adding that this practically means that such meat could not cross the border.

According to the information provided by the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feeding of the EU (RASFF), the meat from the slaughterhouse was distributed in 12 EU countries – Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden, N1 news portal reports.

Guardian journalists discovered that in a slaughterhouse in the Polish region of Mazovia, meat of ill cattle was placed on the EU market.



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