Young Experts developing a modern System for Public Transportation

Centrotrans System klix.baAfter completing the “Solar powered Yugo” project, while visiting Vienna the PhD candidate at the International Burch University in Sarajevo Semir Šakanović got an idea to develop a system which would provide visual and audible information on public transportation flow.

“We know that Sarajevo is visited by many tourists, thus this system would be ideal both for them and for our citizens who would know at any time, without distracting the driver, when and which station is coming next. Such system in Vienna is very simple in comparison with ours, so I took some ideas from them and combined them with several of my own, so now I am free to day that our system is better and more efficient than theirs,” Šakanović said.

However, the entire project would be impossible to implement without cooperation with Centrotrans Eurolines.

“The cooperation came unexpectedly. We asked for a meeting, for a chance to present our desired project, they pleasantly welcomed us, shown interest and, what is the most important for me, trusted us and I wholeheartedly thank them for that,” Šakanović added.

“Centrotrans information system consists of hand-made hardware for control of the system and displays. GPS is connected with our hardware which sends GPS coordinates via 3G network to our map shown on the display. Also, via 3G network the hardware displays the latest/most current news on the display, as well as date and time, temperatures and, what is most important in real time, it displays the next station and the station after that one. In English language, it looks like this (Next: Marijin Dvor, After: Skenderija). All of this is followed by voice guidelines, thus our citizens as well as tourists can wherever and whenever hear on which station they currently are and which station is coming next, without distracting the driver with those inquiries. Moreover, the entire system is connected with the control center from which we can control all systems and displays at any time,” Šakanović stated.

Šakanović said that this system can be of great help for all of us, especially for blind and visually impaired persons and tourists.

Second stage of developing this system includes development of an app with which the users will be able to see where the bus currently is, at what speed it is driving, as well as how long, approximately, it will take the bus to get to the station where the passenger-app user waits for it. Šakanović said that the development of the app has already started and that are already able to track the vehicle movement.

The system is currently installed in seven buses driving on the route Dobrinja-Vijećnica. Besides Šakanović, members of the team who worked on this project are Sabahudin Vrtagić, Jasmin Kevrić, Sead Banda and Hadi Nourallah.

(Source: klix.ba)

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