Zenica received 20 million EUR of Grant Funds for the Rehabilitation of Wastewater

zenicaIn the building of the City Administration of Zenica, representative of KfW mission Johannes Kannicht signed an agreement worth nearly 20 million EUR with the Mayor of Zenica Fuad Kasumovic and director of Water and Sewage Ekrem Kahriman, which will solve the problem of waste water in Zenica.

The project of great importance is provided by grants, with the condition to resolve the problem of waste water in plants of ArcelorMittal Zenica and brown coal mine Zenica.

Participants of the project are the German banking group KfW, Swiss Agency SECO and the PUC “VIK Zenica” as well as the City Administration and Mayor of Zenica, Fuad Kasumovic.

After today’s signing of the agreement, Kahriman stated that after negotiations with representatives of KfW and SECO they came to an agreement to provide 100 % of grant funding and that the city of Zenica will participate with one million EUR and VIK Zenica with 800,000 EUR.

In Banlozi will be installed system for water treatment due to the fact that the city sewage ends up in the Bosna River and the entire project should be completed in 2021.

Mayor of Zenica Fuad Kasumovic assured partners in the project that the City Administration will do everything to make all the necessary permits, as well as the implementation of related projects that would show the well-being of such cooperation to the community at an early stage, and it is the construction of one section of bike paths.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)

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