Zerina Gegic delights Women with Unique Hand-made Shoes!

As a little girl, she received shoes in the style of Cinderella as a gift. A few years later, she started to draw her first creations, and since summer 2016, after establishing her own company for the production of handmade shoes, the dream of 28-year-old Zerina Gegic from Tuzla became a reality.

Zerina believes that the right shoes bring special pleasure and power to woman, and she says that she wants to enrich our market with her capabilities and bring luxury into everyday life of women in BiH.

“Years ago, handiwork was very much appreciated in our country and I want to revive this craft again. My company Zizza is present on BH market just over half a year and so far I’m pleased with the success that I have achieved. However, I believe that it is necessary to do more in order to raise awareness of our citizens to shop products of local designers,” said Gegic.

Zerina offers its customers a unique collection of handmade shoes that are produced by seasonal collections for autumn / winter and spring / summer.  She uses only natural materials, mostly Italian leather, to create the models. For the new collection, which will be available in stores in mid-September,  she also used velvet and brocade besides leather.

“Production of one model starts with my design that modeler further works on and produces patterns by which the leather is cut. Further work is left to BH masters with experience in manual work, who make the final product. Of course, I personally attend each stage,” said Gegic.

Both younger and older ladies are buying unique shoes from this successful young lady from Tuzla. Shoes are available at several retail shops in Tuzla and Sarajevo, and they can be ordered through Facebook and their website.

“Since this is a handiwork, it takes more time to produce a pair of shoes, and our collection is currently smaller. We are planning to expand production depending on market demand,” said Gegic.

This young designer hopes that her creations can change the life of at least one woman and that ladies will walk around our country and beyond in her shoes. She says that she will always stick to Marilyn Monroe’s quote: “Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world.”

(Source: Dz. Colak/Faktor.ba)


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