Zvizdic: Dacic’s Statement is a direct Attack on the Sovereignty of BiH

Denis Zvizdic, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), reacted to the “malicious statement” of Serbian National Assembly Speaker Ivica Dacic that “it is a good thing for Serbia that for the first time in a paper, although unofficial, there is talk of the possibility of unification of Republika Srpska (RS) and Serbia.”

As Zvizdic told, this statement was “contrary to the principles of international law, it is a direct attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the internationally recognized state of BiH, and an obvious example of how Serbia’s high officials interfere in the internal affairs of neighboring states.”

“Dacic sends provocative hegemonic messages to the citizens of BiH, as well as to the entire civilized and democratic world, messages of Milosevic’s aggressive Greater Serbia policy from the 1990s, which was military and moral defeated, while its planners and perpetrators of mass crimes and genocide were convicted before international courts while following the old hegemonic reflex and acing according to the example of his teacher and mentor who ended up in The Hague, ” stated Zvizic.

He added that no one in BiH, nor the international community, is naive to understand that the so-called “peaceful split” propagated by Milorad Dodik is just a euphemism for the violent secession of the BiH entity from the whole of BiH and that the so-called “Serbian world” is just a new phrase for the project of a Greater Serbia, which Dacic is obviously advocating again, and which represents “an anti-civilization and historically outdated concept that still lives only in the minds of rigid nationalists and chauvinists.”

Zvizdic continued that Bogdan Bogdanovic, a great architect and former mayor of Belgrade, once spoke prophetically, with moral and personal dignity, saying: “Everything has been destroyed and played out. And that is the result of Serbian nationalism, that incredible insane perseverance in the creation of a Greater Serbia”.

“Therefore, the message that our neighbors should unconditionally understand and accept is that BiH is an internationally recognized, integral, indivisible, multiethnic, civil, anti-fascist, democratic, European state and that no part of it will ever be annexed to any other state. As far as citizens of BiH are concerned, preserving peace and stability remains imperative, and preserving and protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity is the zero priority of all future activities, ” Zvizdic concluded in his reaction, Klix.ba writes.


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