100 Years After Big Events, the Conference on the Transformation of World in Sarajevo Announced

256px-SarajevoThe Association “Žar ptica” announced that from 16 to 18 May in Sarajevo will be held the international conference on the topic “Transformation of world through the transformation of man- A look into future through the motives of Bogomilism”.

“This year will be celebrated in many cities of Europe and beyond the events that have happened exactly a century ago. These events have changed the world, and Sarajevo is a symbol of changes and the place when the changes started. As our country is an example of dialogue, of different cultures and religious and in this regard is still a positive exception in the region and beyond, we believe that this dialogue, this kind of conference and these topics are a great introduction and one of the central events to mark a series of significant dates in Sarajevo this year”, reports this Association.

B&H with its treasure heritage of Bogomil past can enrich a man in its humanity regardless of ethnicity or religion belonging, announced the organizers of the conference.

(Source: Fena)

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