We have significantly changed the economic Picture of the Federation of BiH

Fadil Novalić Announcement faktor.baPrime Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fadil Novalić said that meetings with representatives of the IMF and the World Bank over the past days in Washington referred first of all to expert assistance to reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“As I have repeatedly emphasized, international financial institutions are supporting us through their experts and we appreciate their advices and suggestions. When we are talking about the IMF, we usually think about affordable loans and I believe that the assistance of international experts has so far contributed to the most positive changes in economy of BiH. The financial assistance of international institutions is a short-term solution. Government is determined to find a long-term and systemic ways to start the growth of BiH’s economy. For this, I am speaking about the measures from the Reform Agenda, which helped us to significantly change the economic picture of the Federation of BiH” said Novalic.

It is important to point out that the Reform agenda does not include only economic reforms.

“A major part of our work is devoted to strengthening the rule of law and fighting the corruption. Especially in this area, we have a support of our partners from the IMF and the World Bank, ie institutions that pay particular attention to the transparency and openness of the reform processes” concluded Novalic.

(Source: faktor)


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