120 Exhibitors at the Fair of Economy and Agriculture

fairFrom 17th to 20th of December, around 120 exhibitors from all over B&H will present themselves at the Fair of economy, agriculture, crafts and consumer goods in Sarajevo center “Skenderija”.

Domestic products will be in the focus of the fair, and the organizers are planning to gather business subjects – through joint presentations in the organization of local communities, as well as separately, in terms of exhibition and retail settings of small and medium enterprises, independent entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

Director of the center “Skenderija” Hajriz Becirovic stated that Sarajevo fair with this project contributes to the development of consumer sensitivity towards domestic products and purposefulness of these purchases, and joins the trend of promoting a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship.

He added that within the Fair, in cooperation with the association “Organic in the Federation of B&H”, will be held professional conferences, panel discussions and round tables, and that the USAID-Gold project will organize meetings of businessmen.

President of the association “Organic in the Federation of B&H” Sejad Herceg emphasized that the promotion of organic agricultural production is very important for the potential that this sector represents for employment and the overall development of B&H.

The fair will be opened for visitors from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the entry is free.


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