Syrian who is looking for his Daughter escaped from Asylum Centre


Some days ago, the Syrian refugee who was returned by the Croatian police on the territory of BiH, asked all people to help him find his five-year-old daughter who stayed in Croatia. In a video released on major social networks, he said that Croatian policemen did not believe him that he has a daughter, and he was “pushed into the car and returned back to BiH.”

Namely, this single father from Syria is seeking help in finding his five-year-old daughter from which he was separated on the locality of Plitvice Lakes.

As he said in a video, he managed to enter in Croatia via Bihac city in BiH,  and after a two-day hike, managed to come to the village of Smoljanac near the Plitvice Lakes.

“We did not have any food and I went to the local store to buy the food, where the Croatian police caught me, pushed me into the car and sent back to Bosnia.” I told them that my daughter is there, but they did not believe me,” Syrian said.

Syrian G.W who is allegedly searching for his daughter in Croatia, escaped from asylum in Zagreb’s Porin hotel, news portal 24sata.hr says.

The escape occurred after new information about Syrian and his five-year-old daughter is revealed.

In the asylum premises, there is a roll call every night at 22:00 o’clock and at 6:00 o’clock in the morning, and Syrian did not appear on Friday night and in the evening as well as this morning. It is assumed that he disappeared on a Thursday night. If police find the missing Syrian, he might be deported, because he ran away from the asylum.

“The father of the child, W.G., accompanied with 19 other persons, on August 30th, 2018, expressed the intention to apply for asylum in East Sarajevo. In the aforementioned group, there was no female child. We do not exclude the possibility that a child is registered under another name, with another group of migrants, ” BiH Service for Foreigners Affairs said.

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