Interesting Story: Mirela Bosnjak makes the largest and most glamorous Cakes

Mirela Bosnjak from Zenica is a karate master, a former national team player of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a national record holder in this attractive sport. Mirela is also a master chef, specializing in making unique cakes, which make special moments in people’s lives, such as birthdays and weddings, all the more special.

In her interview for Faktor, this excellent sports player revealed what her motive for exchanging her rich sports career with the glamour of cakes.

“After my long sports career, including national, European and world championships, I married my husband Emir. His birthday was one of the reasons I made my first birthday cake. I didn’t want that cake to be an ordinary cake, but a special one. And that’s when, three years ago, I made my first cake. The rest is history,” Mirela said.

She explained how everything continued and how her customers are satisfied with her work.

“I decided to found my domestic brand for design and decorating cakes under the name M Luxury Cakes. The fact that many people recognized my effort and attentiveness, which is the main thing in this job, really motivated me. Now, two years after my beginning, my notebook is booked with orders and to get a cake, you have to order one at least two months in advance. It’s important to note that towards the end of July, I made five multi-story wedding cakes and a sweet table with over 800 cakes,” she adds.

Mirela made the largest and most glamorous cake in BiH, as they dubbed it, and it was more than 1.6 meters tall.

“Since I started decorating cakes, my dream was to design a cake like no one else, to do something that hasn’t been seen here before. I really wasn’t hoping that it would be this accepted or this followed up with so much support and excitement. I think this wish, that every new cake be different than everything before, the reason behind the wide smile on every customer when they see their cake on their special day,” Mirela said at the end, adding that her biggest support is her husband and her biggest inspiration is her daughter, Dalia.

(Source: Faktor.ba)

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