Two most Important Projects in Canton Sarajevo to be finished in 18 Months? (video)

Today, the beginning of the works on the second section the First Transversal, which will start from the roundabout next to Gazprom gas pump, until the entrance to the first portal in the Sarajevo settlement of Sip.

“We are at the second section of the First Transversal, unfortunately, the only part of the first transversal in which the works are being carried out, but the Canton Sarajevo has been working intensively on the process of expropriation of land, so that the works can continue in undisturbed manner. We do not have jurisdiction over the works, but the Directorate of Roads of Canton Sarajevo, but we are interested in this project since it is a capital infrastructure project, “said Mirza Hulusic, Director of Institute for Construction of Canton Sarajevo.

When it comes to completion of works on the second transversal section, Mirza Hulusic said that the works should last 18 months. However, he pointed out that land expropriation may be a problem when it comes to completing of the first transversal work, saying these types of disputes may last up to five years.

“Currently, we are in the second section 1,140 meters long. The Canton Sarajevo Government allocated 12.7 million BAM for this section and it is a complete financier of the work on this part without taking any loans. The FBiH government has already secured 30 million BAM, the rest will be financed by EBRD funds, “said Salmir Kovac, Director of the Directorate for Roads of CS.

As Salmir Kovac said, there will be problems in some tracks when it comes to water supply and sewage, but claims that the works will be completed within 18 months. “The second part goes from roundabout next to Gazprom petrol station to the entrance in the tunnel in the settlement Sip. It will consist of four lanes, two for each of the directions, along the tram that will pass through the anticipated tunnel to Vogosca or the most modern tunnel of such kind, “added Kovac.





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