15 million Refugees from Africa to move to Europe?

New immigrant wave from Africa threatens Europe again. Over 15 million immigrants from Africa will come to Europe over the Mediterranean Sea by 2020, according to a document by the Austrian Military Intelligence (Heeres-Nachrichtenamt) which is yet to be published.

In the last three years, around 550,000 Africans sought the asylum in the EU, according to a report by the Austrian secret service.

“The number of African refugees will significantly increase if EU does not financially support affected countries and does not change its policy towards asylum seekers who are economic immigrants,” as reported by Bild.

“Because of the massive influx of asylum seekers from Africa, the attitude of the EU towards economic migrants will significantly change.  Better control of external borders will be necessary as well as establishment of model for the expulsion of those whose request for asylum has been refused “, as concluded in the report.


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