150,000 EUR disappeared from Cash Register of the Communications Regulatory Agency


About 300,000 BAM disappeared from the cash register of the Communications Regulatory Agency (CRA) of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Klix.ba learns.

The investigating authorities and the competent prosecutor’s office were informed of this.

It is still unknown how the money disappeared and who took it, but one of the employees of the CRA is suspected. The final statement on the disappearance of 300 thousand BAM will be given by the competent judicial authorities, which are informed about the disappearance of the money.

Following this information, Klix.ba contacted the CRA, from which they said that the CRA had noticed certain irregularities in the work of its employees and had taken appropriate measures.

“The agency has initiated disciplinary proceedings, notified investigative authorities and sent the case to the competent prosecutor’s office. Given that the investigation is ongoing, the agency is not able to provide more information at this time,” CRA told us. They concluded by saying that CRA will have more information after the investigation is completed.



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