Chairman of BiH’s Council of Ministers: We are ready for the First Group of Returnees from Foreign Battlefields


Chairman of Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Denis Zvizdic told reporters in Sarajevo on Wednesday that BiH is ready to return the first group of BiH citizens from abroad.

“We are and will be ready for the first group, mostly and women and children, among whom there are many underage children,” Zvizdic said.

He added that it is the duty of BiH, as well as of other countries of the world, to take over their citizens “for which we have proof that they are BiH citizens.”

“We have facilities provided for the accommodation of women and children. As for the men, they will be treated in accordance with the current law, which prohibits or punishes going to foreign battlefields and participating in foreign military formations,” Zvizdic explained.

In that regard, he added, we will be ready for acceptance, but “the most serious task comes after that, which is a matter of some kind of deradicalization and socialization of persons returning from the battlefield to BiH”.

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