Locals unblocked a Landfill on Uborak near Mostar


Locals gathered around the “Because it is of Our Concern” initiative unblocked a landfill on Uborak near Mostar on Sunday, for which the streets of Mostar have been littered with garbage for day, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

“We cannot allow all the citizens of Mostar and the surrounding area to continue to suffer because of the mayor and the reluctant mayors who did not take care of the garbage in the streets, unlike other municipalities,” the Initiative stated on its Facebook page.

They point out that, solely because of the citizens of Mostar and the surrounding settlements, they decided to temporarily allow the disposal of waste at the Uborak landfill. “We now expect the urgent involvement of the cantons and the Federation, which has been promised, and the signing of our realistic requests as soon as possible continue peaceful gatherings in front of the Ubork landfill, without blockage.”

As a reminder, because of the blockage of the municipal waste landfill in Ubork, the garbage from Mostar streets has not been collected since February 22.

For years, locals and activists have been seeking the rehabilitation and closure of the Uborak landfill. They claim the capacity of the landfill has long been exceeded, seeking its rehabilitation and finding a new landfill site.


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