EURO Playoff Match between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Ireland to be postponed?


The management of the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has officially sent a letter on Thursday to UEFA requesting to postpone the play-off match for EURO 2020 between the national teams of BiH and Northern Ireland, which according to the competition calendar is to be played in Zenica on 26th March.

Among other things, the letter stated that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in our country tends to become more serious, and that the relevant institutions at the state level have already taken appropriate measures. These measures include banning public gatherings, holding sporting events as well as banning entry into the country for citizens of Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Iran, Korea and China.

The FF BH further informs UEFA that all BH nationals coming from these areas must be subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine as well as self-isolation if they come from other areas where COVID19 has occurred. This means that most of our players would not be able to play the play-off match, and the FF BH is asking that once again all the risks that would arise in the event of playing this match should be considered.

The letter finally emphasizes that the Federation is in constant contact with the relevant state institutions, and that all activities of the FF BH are in accordance with the recommendations and decisions of these institutions.


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