16.000 Years Old Bear Skull found in Orlovaca Cave

Bear Skull Found in Pale visoko.co.ba

At a distance of about 100 meters from the entrance to the Orlovaca cave near Pale, a group of researchers has found a skull of the cave bear (Ursus Spelaeus), which is equal in size to the largest one found so far, and the estimated age of the skull is at least 16.000 years.

In this group of researchers were the Expert Associate for the cultural-historical and natural resources of the Municipality Pale Mladen Samardzic, the Senior Assistant at the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Philosophy in Pale Jelena Golijanin, and the geography professor in the primary school “Mokro” Neven Rudic.

The found skull is 10 centimeters bigger than the one exhibited in the museum of the cave, and the significance of this finding is great for both the cave and for those who come to visit it.

Besides the skull, bones have been found in several other localities, for which further detailed research must be conducted and which might offer new discoveries. Research is being conducted in the cave several times every year, depending on the weather conditions.

“The rain and floods that occur in the cave can potentially reveal the channels that lead to hidden spaces. Three explorations have been conducted this year, in the second part of the cave which is not visited that often “, said Samardzic.

The cave bears became extinct 16.000 years ago, and to determine the exact age of the bones it is necessary to do tests with the help of a very expensive c14 method.

“The skull and the other found bones will be cleaned and protected. The visitors will be able to see the skull after the taxidermy. This discovery is quite significant for both the team that participated and for the cave itself, and the tourist offer”, Samardzic added.

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