Embassy of Pakistan clarifies earlier Statements by Bosnian Security Minister regarding Meeting with Ambassador of Pakistan



During a press conference on 23 April 2020, the Minister of Security of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) Mr. Fahrudin Radoncic stated that some countries, like Pakistan, will not be cooperative regarding illegal migrants. The Embassy of Pakistan considers his statement as uncalled-for and unwarranted. His blatant remarks that Ambassador of Pakistan be declared ‘persona non grata’ is also deeply disconcerting, is stated in the press release sent by Embassy of Pakistan in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

The Embassy of Pakistan is well aware of the problem of illegal migrants from Pakistan. We remain in contact with our authorities in Pakistan as well as concerned Bosnian authorities. In fact, the Embassy has always responded to the Service for Foreigners of BiH for verification of the antecedents of Pakistanis and offered services for issuance of Emergency Travel Documents as and when required. As a result, 73 Pakistani migrants, who were willing have been repatriated since May-2019 till March-2020.

On 30 January 2020, the Ambassador of Pakistan had called on Mr. Radoncic in his office where the issue of illegal migrants was discussed and it was agreed to share information and extend cooperation; however, the topic of deportation of migrants was never discussed during the meeting.

Keeping in view of the unwarranted and spurious statement/remarks of  Mr. Radoncic, the Ambassador called on Mr. Sefik Dzaferovic, Chairman of the Presidency and Dr. Bisera Turkovic, Foreign Minister of BiH today (24 April 2020) and expressed his concerns. Both dignitaries assured the Ambassador to address the situation and that no one will be allowed to create a wedge between the strong friendly relations built over years between Pakistan and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Pakistan attaches great importance to its relation with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Therefore, we are concerned over the unjust statement/remarks of Mr. Radoncic. We hope that the government of BiH would issue clarification of his unwarranted statement/remarks.

The Ambassador of Pakistan Mr. Khalid Rao had, in fact, met Mr.  Fahrudin Radončić Minister of Security in the Minister’s office on 30 January 2020. The attached photo clearly confirms this fact. Unfortunately, the Press Release of the Embassy of Pakistan dated 24 April 2020 was wrongly translated, which misrepresented the facts.

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