Remaining Twenty Respirators finally arrived to Bosnia and Herzegovina


The plane of the company “FlyBosnia” finally delivered on Wednesday the remaining 20 respirators to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were ordered by “Srebrena Malina” company owned by TV presenter Fikret Hodzic.

The plane of this airline, as planned, landed at Sarajevo Airport at 3:30 p.m. Out of the total 100 purchased respirators, which were paid 10.5 million BAM, so far, only 80 have arrived in BiH, and a month later the other 20, Avaz news portal reports.

However, as the accounts of “Srebrena Malina” were blocked due to the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office, and the decision of the Court of BiH on Hodzic’s request to be granted 475,000 BAM in order to pay VAT is pending, everything is now in question. The question is also how to initiate the customs procedure.

More precisely, it is uncertain whether the Federal Administration of Civil Protection, which is also under investigation, will take over the remaining respirators, which were determined by an expert opinion that they cannot be used in intensive care hospitals. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a hurry to investigate and examine witnesses.

So far, only two people are suspected, but the list will be expanded. The prosecution has collected almost all the evidence and it remains to examine the suspects.


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